Find Dutiful And Dependable Delaware Divorce Lawyers


Delaware Divorce Lawyers

 Here you will find a Delaware divorce lawyer to suit your needs. Browse the site and check out the highly relevant picture ads that will lead you to a law firm that is ready, willing, and able to assist all your divorce needs…


delaware divorce lawyers

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  2. Margaret DelloBuono

    Have been married for almost 47 year. I was married at 18 years had 5 children by my husband. He verbally all most on a daily bases and has physical abused me as well, including a incident that he opened of the passenger side of the door and was trying to push me out of the car onto I-95, while doing this he was punching me in the head. For some reason I guess I stayed with him thinking that he would eventually change, but in fact he has got worse. I am 65 years old, I raised my 5 sons almost by myself, because my husband had a job that he was away from home for most of the week and sometimes into Saturday. When my youngest son was in middle school, I went to work for the State of Delaware for almost 20 years. Some of my job descriptions including billing for The Terry Children Psychiatric Center. My health is starting to decline more every year because of the stress I am under. I have had 2 mini strokes while I was still working thar is one of the reasons that I retired. We own 2 homes and my husband collects his pension plus social security and he drives a school part time. I know this divorce will get so ugly, I need the best lawyer in my state of Delaware. After all these years I want everything that I am entitled to, and my husband is a control freak. Can u recommend the best divorce lawyer in the state????? Margaret DelloBuono


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